Teach English Online no degree required

Teaching English online is a great way to work from home or while you are on the road and there are many opportunities for people who have a degree but it can be a little more difficult to get a start without one.

The good news is that there are quite a few places where you can apply for work even if you are yet to earn your degree so you can earn some money and gain some experience.

Getting an ESL teaching certificate and a degree will help you get work and earn a higher income but you can check out the following opportunities while you work towards these qualifications.

If you have a degree that is great but the good news is that rapidly growing demand for online English teachers is seeing more and more opportunities come up for people who are yet to earn a degree.

Here’s a quick summary of 12 places you can teach English with no degree required.


Cambly is a true no experience required place to get started teaching English online. Lessons are not structured and you can make money chatting with people from around the world.  The one requirement they have is that you must be a native English speaker. The pay is approximately $10 USD per hour calculated on a per-minute basis.


Palfish is an in-demand  English teaching platform that will employ teachers who don’t have a degree. Teachers do need to hold a TEFL certificate which is a lot easier to achieve than a full degree.

Another unique advantage of Palfish is that it is app-based so you can use your mobile device to teach courses from wherever you are so long as you have access to WiFi.

Palfish offers two different teaching opportunities  ‘regular teachers’ who teach informal classes on their own schedule and ‘official course instructors’  who work on a set schedule. 

Just download the  mobile app to get started


Skimatalk is another company that allows native English speakers to teach online classes without a degree or prior experience you just have to pass the application test and you can get started. 

With this platform, you set your own rates for individual 25-minute lessons to mainly adult students. 

Skimatalk takes 20% of your fees and pays the remainder to your Paypal account on a monthly basis.

Open English

Open English hires North American native English speakers to provide English lessons to Spanish speakers, with a focus on the Latin American market.

Open English prefer their teachers to have a degree or a certificate but their primary requirements are that you are a native English speaker with a North American accent.

The pay isn’t high but this is another good entry to English teaching.


iTalki is a huge language tutoring platform with millions of students learning over a hundred languages worldwide. You can teach on this platform with or without a bachelors degree but you will need a TEFL teaching qualification or equivalent.

At iTalki you set your own hours and your own prices and iTalki take a commission when you start earning money.


Lingoda does not require a bachelor degree but they do require that you have an English teaching certification such as TEFL and prior teaching experience is viewed favourably.

As a teacher at Lingoda, you will prepare your own class materials to teach private or group lessons. 

Lingoda is best suited to freelance professionals with prior experience but have not earned a degree.


To teach at Verbling you must have prior teaching experience in your native language and having a teaching certificate will improve your chances of getting accepted. 

When teaching on Verbling you use their own video chat platform and set your own hours and rates. 

Verbling gets a 15% commission and you can receive payment via a number of methods including Paypal and Payoneer.


LatinHire sources online tutors for leading education companies from around the globe. English is just one of more than 40 subjects that LatinHire tutors can teach.

You do not need to have a bachelors degree to work for LatinHire but you must go through an application process and have studied the field in which you intend to tutor.


Tutlo is a language platform that allows people to speak with native English speakers from around the world.

To become an English tutor you must be a native English speaker with an English Language teaching certificate.  You can still apply if you don’t have a certificate and if successful Tutlo offers a TEFL scholarship to help get you started.

Hours are flexible but the pay is not as high as other companies.


You don’t any formal qualifications to teach one of the many subjects that Preply offer to their students, you just need expertise and a talent for teaching. Subjects include many languages, maths, science, and a myriad of others.

You set your own hours and pay rates but the competition for work is high but if you are good at what you do you can earn good money.


Cafetalk is an online tutoring platform which allows you to teach a huge range of subjects including the English language.

There are no formal requirements to teach with CafeTalk, you just need to apply on the website and provide a recorded interview video.  Once approved you are good to go.


You don’t need a degree to work for Tandem but they have a thorough application process and are very careful to look for professional, knowledgeable people who will be well suited to teach students via their app.

Tandem is an app-based platform which makes it easy to work from anywhere you have access to the Internet if you are travelling.