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Add a Favicon to your Wordpress blogSetting a Favicon for your site is important for a number of reasons but the most important is probably that a favicon ensures that there is an eye-catching visual queue in browsers to help identify your site. This is especially helpful to visitors when they have a lot of websites open in different tabs in their browser.

Without a favicon, your site will be displayed with a generic icon that does not give a user any indication what site the tab is for.



In the image below you can see we have added a blue swimming favicon to our website which gets displayed on the tab and makes it much more meaningful.


Setting up a favicon for a website is really worthwhile but can be a bit tricky if you are just starting out but the good news is that recent versions of Wordpress make setting up a favicon a quick and easy task which can be completed in minutes by following a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Choose the Image you are going to use as your Favicon.

If you install a favicon manually you would need to create your own .ico format files and upload them which can be quite time-consuming.

In Wordpress, we just need to provide an image that we want to use and the rest will be done for us.

Consider the following when selecting your image:

  • It needs to be about 500 pixels high x 500 pixels wide.
  • It needs to look good when it is scaled down to a much smaller size.
  • It should fit in with the theme of your site.

You can either create an image yourself or find one online that you are allowed to use.

For our favicon we found this very simple royalty-free stock image that scaled down nicely.


swimming 303771 960 720

Once you have the image you are going to use you are ready to install it.

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