Start Earning is looking for writers! 

Here at Start Earning, we have a simple goal  - To show the world how to make a living from where you are on your own schedule.

Our reader's dreams may be as ambitious as becoming wealthy and roaming the world or they may be as simple as finding a way to earn what you need to live and spend more precious time with your family.

There is a myriad of ways people can achieve their dreams and we want to bring them to the world.

Many of you have already found ways to live a more satisfying life and we would really like you to to share your experiences with them.

If you are looking for a way to give back to the community and build your authority then this is an opportunity to consider.


What to write?

high quality, original content which will provide great value to viewers at

We are interested in original articles on any topic that relates to life as a digital nomad or earning a flexible income and are particularly keen to receive stories that contain actionable advice that you have proven yourself.

Examples of suggested topics might be :

  • stories about portable income sources.
  • Advice on travelling and making money.
  • Travel and destination advice.
  • stories about events.
  • Relevant current events.

Please don't let this list limit your creativity as we really want to learn about your experiences.

For us to consider content it must be 100% original work created by yourself and must not be published anywhere else.


A few hints to increase your chances of getting published ..

  • Stay on topic, our audience is interested in how to make a flexible living.
  • Have a look around our website and then write an article that is a good fit.
  • If your article links naturally to or from existing content on startearning we will view it favourably.
  • Submit an outline or the first draft of your article for consideration, proposals for article ideas will be considered but are much less likely to be successful.
  • Don't submit  advertising copy if you wish to advertise please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Don't submit generic re-writes of content that is already widely available on the Internet.
  • Provide advice that is easily actioned, our readers want to know what they can do now to improve their lifestyle.
  • Keep it interesting, pack the words you use with good information, not generic fluff.
  • Re-read multiple times and proofread before final submission.
  • An article that is error-free, reads well and provides original actionable advice is much more likely to get published.
  • Tell us how you plan to promote the content once it is published e.g. social sharing, a link in your email newsletter,  links from your blog etc.
  • Include relevant data and statistics,  citing sources.
  • Provide us with a link to the bio of the author which shows expertise and credibility on the content topic.


What it should look like



Content should be structured in a logical intro, body, conclusion format.

The introduction should get the visitors attention and gives them a reason to keep reading.

The body should give 3 or more valuable and actionable pieces of advice or information.

The Conclusion should summarise the actions and tell the reader what to do next and why to do it.


Do Not Sell

Our readers want useful information that helps them solve their problems and learn about how to make a living from where they are on their own schedule.

Do not submit sales pitches for products or yourself and do not link to landing pages or other promotional content.

If you do we will probably just stop reading and not respond.


Make the content actionable

Put actionable advice or information into the main content and draw it together at the end of the article.

Finish your article by drawing together the actions and providing clear next steps.



Articles should be a minimum of 500 quality words, there is no set maximum length.

Do not pad your writing with unnecessary fluff to get the word count up, it just makes the content look bad.

Pro tip: If you read your content out loud and it sounds wordy, repetitive, or otherwise awkward you probably need to edit it.



Keep paragraphs and sentences short. 

Paragraphs should be around 150 words and there should be 3 - 4 sentences per paragraph.

Punctuate correctly!


Document Format

We prefer content to be provided in Google doc format shared with us with editing permissions.

We are likely to edit the shared document so please keep a copy of the original submission for your records.



Use inclusive language and sentiment.

Use Gender-inclusive pronouns where possible  e.g. 'they' instead of 'he'

Be respectful and kind.


How it works

Submitting an article for consideration is easy, just write the article and submit it to us by email for review at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We do not pay for content or accept payment for publishing content. If you require payment for content please do not submit it.

We will consider including a link to a well-written author profile which supports the author's credibility on the subject of the article.

We will consider including links to great content which is directly relevant to the content and we believe will provide significant value to our viewers.

The decision whether to include links in articles and the technical configuration of any included links will be made at our sole discretion.

All rights to content must be released to us prior to publication and we reserve the right to modify or unpublish content at our sole discretion. If you are not ok with this please don't submit content to us.

Publication usually occurs reasonably quickly after content is accepted but it may take 4 or more weeks before new content is published.