Life Hacks

money making tipsLooking for ways to make a little bit of extra cash in your spare time?  Making a bit of extra money can help you avoid getting further into debt, save more for a rainy day and prepare for unexpected costs that may crop up.

Here are twenty genius money making tips which will help you earn extra money:


1.    Get paid to do surveys 

Customer insight is extremely valuable for many companies and brands. They want to know what existing and potential customers think and how people make their spending decisions. The insight allows companies and brands to tweak advertising campaigns and launch products that will sell.

Brands glean customer insight from survey companies, who then pay people for sharing their opinions. It’s a great way to fill any spare time you have waiting for the bus or train. 

RewardSurvey, Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Opinion Outpost, and Vindale Research are survey companies that will pay you for taking surveys and giving feedback. 


Money saving hacksHave you ever wish that saving money was easier? We know that saving money is important but actually DOING it, is harder than it sounds.

Here are 20 simple money-saving hacks to help you save thousands of dollars! 


1.     Make a meal plan and a grocery list

Apart from rent, food is often the biggest expense. A great way to reduce food expenses is to draw up a simple meal plan for the week, make a grocery list and buy your weekly groceries in one go. This will prevent you from going to the grocery stores every day and spending unnecessary money. 

It’s also worth cooking food that can turn into several meals for the week. For instance, if you make roast beef with potatoes and turnips one day, you can make a vegetable stir- fry and mixed veg and chicken soup another day, with the left-over food.

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