The story was founded as one of the Internets first affiliate program directories in 1998,  the same year Google was incorporated and Bill Gates got hit in the face with a cream pie. 

At the time affiliate marketing providers like Clickbank and Commission junction were getting started and everyone was looking for places to advertise their affiliate program.

We enjoyed moderate success in these early days and helped a lot of people market and find affiliate programs but then my attention shifted to other aspects of my life and our business model stopped being relevant when reciprocal links started to be considered spammy.

Our plan has always been to reinvent and reinvigorate one day and that day has now arrived.

The world has changed enormously since I first registered the domain on the 16th Of October 1998 with the opportunities to make an online living broadened immensely and more people than ever looking for ways to work remotely from home or while they travel.  I'm one of these people and whilst I have had a successful career in Telecommunications I am now interested in a lower-stress more flexible lifestyle which will allow me to make a living and travel as I move towards 'retirement'.  I don't think I will ever really retire but I will definitely shift to doing more of what I like doing on a timeline that suits me  is now back and is dedicated to bringing you information that will help you live a more flexible lifestyle and to start earning a living from where you are on a schedule that suits you. 

Success means many different things to different people and whether it be making a full time living from home so you can spend more time with your family, earning a bit of extra money to spend on your hobbies, or becoming a Digital Nomad and making money while you go on the adventure of a lifetime, my goal is to bring you the information and resources you need to succeed.

If you share our passion, have any questions you would like answered ,or would like to share your own hints and tips please leave them in the comments below or get in touch with us and let us know.