Install Wordpress in minutesInstall Wordpress in minutes

Once you have web hosting with Bluehost it is really simple to set up Wordpress by following a few simple steps.

If you don't already host your website with Bluehost you can follow the step by step instructions we have created to guide you through the process.

Log into your Bluehost Control Panel  using the button on the confirmation page   or  by visiting

 Bluehost hosting login

 Once you have logged in you will be presented with a control panel.

Find the Install Wordpress button and click it.

Bluehost CPanel Wordpress


You will then be prompted for the domain you want  your Wordpress site  on.


WP Select a domain 

Just select the domain you want your site on from the dropdown list  and then  click check domain.

Installation will start and after a little while a screen prompting you for some settings  including your admin username & password will appear.

 WP Install settings

 Choose a name for your site , an admin username/password, check all the boxes and then click install.

A screen indicating that the installation is complete will be displayed after a minute or so.


WP Install complete 


Congratulations!! Wordpress is now installed

You can visit your new site at (replacing  “” with your own domain) and you will see a very simple, essentially empty page.