I'm currently spending a lot of time developing passive income sources in order to free up time and unleash myself from my desk so that I can do what I wan't to do when I want to do it and where I wan't to do it.  Unfortunately I'm not a miilionaire ( yet )  so I am also  working on ways to earn money  when I  start travelling and am discovering that there are heaps of way to make quite a bit of money on the road.


 This is a great way to earn some good coin from whereever you are . All you need is a computer, a decent Internet connection, and the ability to listen and type what you hear quickly. Many people , my  wife included, make quite good money transcribing  audio files to text. 

I am assured reliably that https://www.rev.com/freelancers is amongst the best places to find this kind of work.

The application process is quite rigorous but once you have completed it successfully the work is regular and the pay is reasonable.


Teach English




Get a "traditional"  job.


Freelance photography


Graphic design


Website Development


Become a translator


Write articles and other content


Search engine optimisation


Social media manager


Test Apps and Websites


Make a bit of extra cash with paid surveys

I've been filling in idle time completing paid surveys and have been making a small amount of money in the process. More recently I have come to the realisation that there is much more money to be made if you go directly to the survey companies to find work rather than going to aggregator sites who give you pennies in the dollar of what your time is worth.

I'll post the good ones in the paid survey section of this site as I find them.







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