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autolinks for joomlaAutolinks is a free extension for Joomla 3  which takes the work out of keyword linking and lets you easily add tooltips to words or phrases of your choice. Using this extension is as easy as downloading it and installing it then adding new keywords with links and/or tool tip descriptions.  You can choose to have both or just one or the other.

Autolinks  provides the following  features:

  • Search articles for keywords or phrases
  • Add internal or external links to keywords or phrases when found.
  • Add nice looking tooltips to keywords or phrases when found.
  • choose whether you want to match any instance of the text or whole words only.
  • Choose where to add the nofollow attribute to a link when added to the keyword.
  • Choose whether to add self-referencing links or not.
  • Limit the number of times a keyword will have a link or tooltip added to it in the same article.
  • more coming  ...

New features will be added as time allows. If you would like to suggest a feature or provide feedback please add it to the comments below. 

Autolinks can be installed by following these easy steps.

  • Download the autolinks extension to your local machine as a zip file.
  • Go to the administration interface and select Extensions    Install/Uninstall.
  • Click the Browse button and select the autolinks extension package which was downloaded to your local machine.
  • Click the Upload File & Install button.

This will install the autolinks administration component and  the autolinks content plugin which will be automatically activated at install time.


Autolinks is easy to use by following these instructions.

Accessing Autolinks
  • Go to the administration interface and select Components →  Autolinks
Adding a new link
  • Click the new button and you will be taken to a simple form where you can configure your new link.
  • Configure your link as follows:
    • Enter the text to be found - This is the case sensitive word or phrase that you would like to add a link and or tooltip to.
    • Enter the link to be added - For external links enter the full link e.g., for internal links just enter the internal path e.g. /other-resources. If you leave this field blank no link will be added.
    • Enter tooltip text - Enter the text you would like to display as a tooltip when someone hovers over your link. You can enter some HTML elements here to add formatting to your tooltips.  If you leave this field blank no tooltip will be added.
    • Choose whether you would like to match the whole word only - If selected "pen"  will only match pen, not selected "pen" will be found and linked wherever it occurs "Aspen" or "penguin"
    • Choose whether you want links to be followed by search engines - If you uncheck this option the rel="nofollow" attribute will be added to the link. This is considered good practice for SEO purposes under some circumstances.
    • Choose whether to allow links to be self-referencing -  If this option is unchecked links will not be added to keywords if the link points back to the page the keyword appears on.
    • Enter the maximum number of keyword replacements per page  -  Entering a value here will limit the number of keyword occurrences that are linked. If this is left blank all occurrences will be linked.
  • Click Save and close and you will be returned to your list of links.
 Modifying a link
  • From your list of links, you can click the keyword to edit the link as described above.
Activating or deactivating a link
  • Links can be activated or deactivated by clicking on the status icon to publish ( make active )  or unpublish ( deactivate ).
  • Links can be trashed (deactivated and removed from link list)  by selecting the check box beside the link and clicking the trash button in the component menu.
  • Trashed links can be reinstated or permanently deleted by clicking on the search tools,  selecting status trashed, and then publishing or deleting the link as required.
Clearing Cache

Please note that new links and changes to existing links may not take effect immediately on sites that have caching active, The ensure that links display you may need to clear your Joomla cache using the administration panel.



Is there a version of Autolinks for Joomla 2.5 ?


No we havent created a version of Autolinks for Joomla 2.5 .

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