Connect with Inspiring People and learn how to become a digital nomad

Do you want to become a Digital Nomad?

You might have been searching the web looking for location-independent sources of income and the best places to go.

 ... But you are still unsure how to get started!

Don't worry,  the way you are feeling is very common, and one of the best ways of overcoming it is to become involved in the Digital Nomad community and take a toe in the water approach to getting started. 

I'll let you in on a little secret ... You don't have to be making a living online to get started. In fact, many people are travelling, earning very little or nothing when they start out and find or create a way to support themselves later.

A great way to put your toe in the water before you throw yourself in the deep end is to travel to Digital Nomad events around the world and experience the lifestyle first hand.  

Immersing yourself in these unique experiences will allow you to connect with other experienced Nomads and learn from them. 

Ready to get ready? ..  Keep reading to find inspiring gatherings to get you started ...


Digital Nomads Around the World Facebook Group

Joining this group is one of the first steps we recommend on your path to location independent living as it will put you in touch with a community of fellow nomads and aspiring nomads well before you set foot on a plane, train, or automobile. 

This online gathering has a huge collective wealth of knowledge which ranges from job opportunities to information about the current state of travel around the world and much much more. 

If you are planning to travel to one of the in-person events below then this is a great place to introduce yourself to other nomads so you know people before you arrive.  

Just join the group and say something like "Hi, I'm going to this event, is anyone else going?"


Digital Nomad Summit

The Digital Nomad Summit happens annually and is an excellent event to get started with because it brings together 1000+ members of the Digital Nomad community ranging from complete noobs who want to learn, to seasoned nomads.

Each year there are guest speakers including top experts and leaders who are there to share their knowledge and get you excited about the nomad lifestyle. 

There are plenty of opportunities to network and relax with like-minded people so be prepared to unwind a little while you are there.


Nomad Summit

This long-running annual conference is arguably the largest annual event for digital nomads and has a goal of bringing the community together and passing on valuable knowledge to people of all skill levels. It doesn't matter whether you are still in the planning stages of becoming location independent or if you have a lot of experience there will be opportunities to network and learn.


7 in 7

7 in 7 is a  series of 7 annual week-long conferences with a smaller number of attendees ending with an event in Antarctica.  Only people who have been digital nomads for more than a year are eligible to attend and there is a limit of 100 participants. If you are an experienced professional looking for a more focussed conference then this is an event worth considering.


Work Wanderers

Work Wanderers offer multiple 3-week retreats every year for small groups of people who are living the location independent lifestyle. These retreats are hosted in what they describe as bucket list locations with accommodation, co-working spaces, Wifi, excursions,  and workshops all included in the experience.


Camp Indie

This is a summer camp-style event for the location independent community which is brought to you by the founders of the community. The main focus of this event is on having fun, learning, and connecting in a relaxed intimate setting.



Travelcon is an annual conference that brings the travel media community together so they can learn about what works and what's new in travel video, photography, and blogging.  This is a great opportunity to make connections and improve your skills.


Project Getaway

Project Getaway is an extended co-working opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate with like-minded people and work on their businesses. Many people apply and the organisers choose who to invite based on who they think will have the most positive impact on each other's lives and businesses.


Women on the Mountain

Women on the mountain is a month-long event for female nomads or aspiring nomads hosted by  Coworking Bansko in the Bulgarian hilltop town of Bansko.  The focus of women on the mountain is to help women in the digital nomad community with business and personal development whilst relaxing and making new connections.


Borderless Retreat

Borderless retreat organises regular week-long retreats for small groups of digital nomads who are focussed on improving their wellbeing, making connections, and acquiring skills that help improve quality of life.

Nomad Train

Nomad train is a unique opportunity to take a workation with like fellow digital nomads in a unique co-working environment on the trans-Siberian railway.  This is an opportunity to experience the culture of the worlds largest country whilst travelling and working in the comfort of a train.


Now that you know a bit about the awesome events and gatherings that happen around the world every year you just need to decide which of them will work for you.

After that, there is only one thing left to do - make your travel arrangements and get ready to be inspired.