work onlineHave you ever wondered how to work online? You can work from the comfort of your own home or even while you travel. Working online seems like the dream, right? Well, let’s make it a reality for you.

We have researched 20 jobs that you can work on, from anywhere in the world, as long as you have your laptop and a WIFI connection.  


1.Online Tutor 

Whatever skill you have, someone will want to learn it. The beauty of tutoring online is, your client market is suddenly the entire world (as opposed to, only locations you can commute to). You can teach, English, Math, Music, you name it. 

How do I get started?

These sites hire, online English, Maths and Music teachers:

2.Social Media Manager  

If you spend your free time on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, you may as well get paid for it! 

How and why?

Since everyone hangs out on social media today, businesses need to connect with potential and existing clients but they don’t have time. So they hire a social media manager to do it for them!

How do I find clients? 

Google Social Media Manager jobs or look on Upwork.

3.Graphic Designer

If you have an eye for design and are a whizz at creating logos and beautiful images on your laptop, a graphic designer might be the best online job for you. There are thousands of companies that need help with logos, website designs, flyers, basically anything that will help them market their business. You can find graphic design jobs on:




If you have good attention to detail and notice grammar mistakes, and online editor might be the job for you!  you correct the written text so they are fit for publication

You can find editing jobs:


5.Freelance Writer 

If you are a bit of a wordsmith, a job as a freelance writer might be for you. You can write about anything that interests you or that you have experience in.

You can find freelance writing jobs here:



Do you have a second language? Excellent, you can get paid for it. You can translate audio tapes or written text. When you watch a movie and you see subtitles, a translator was paid to translate it!

Jobs can be found here :

7.Stock Image Photographer 

Do you like taking beautiful photos? You can get paid for your snaps by stock image websites.

Why would they pay you?

Because it’s cheaper than hiring a photographer

Here are some websites that pay for your digital photos:


8.Search Engine Evaluator 

You can get paid to evaluate internet search results to ensure they are accurate, timely, and relevant to a searcher’s intent and comprehensive. The position has many names such as internet assessor or ads quality rater. The below companies advertise search engine evaluator jobs: 


9.Virtual Bookkeeper

If you have a background or are comfortable working with numbers, it's worth looking into virtual bookkeeping. 

Many small businesses need bookkeepers to manage their tax and invoices so they can focus on running their business. 

Where to find virtual booking jobs:

Upwork-Virtual Bookkeepers can charge USD70 per hour.

10.Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant basically does everything a normal assistant does in a company, but remotely. Tasks include email management, scheduling meetings, handling client phone calls, social media and more.

You can find jobs by googling Virtual Assistant jobs or looks for them on Upwork 


If you have good hearing and can type fast, you can get paid to convert speech from video or audio tapes into written form. 

You also have to improve the punctuation and grammar of an audio recording to make it more understandable and readable. 

You get to work in the peace and comfort of your own home.



You can write about things you are passionate about and earn money from your blog. It helps to find a niche that helps readers or entertains them. 

A few ways you can earn money from your blog are online advertising, sponsorships, affiliate marketing or even selling your own digital product. 


13.Online Survey Reviewer

Did you know you can get paid to take surveys, play games and watch videos in your free time?

Why and how?

Because companies will pay money to receive customer insight and data. It helps them make informed decisions on what products to sell and how to market them.

A few survey companies that pay for surveys are :

14. Online Data Entry 

 Mechanical Turk pays you to do things like taking surveys, moderate content, edit transcriptions, and other miscellaneous tasks.

15. Website Creator/Fixer

Are you tech-savvy and know how to create and fix websites? Perfect, because there are thousands of websites out there owned by people who dot have the technical skills or time to do it themselves.

You find jobs on: 


17.Life Coach

Do you like helping people solve their life problems? You could get paid as a life coach to help and motivate people to achieve their goals. Life coaches range from helping people achieve their career goals or personal goals or maybe just helping them find what they are passionate about.

The Transformative Coach institute has a program that is certified and approved by ICF ( the International Coaching Federation, USA). It will get you started on the path to becoming a life coach. 

18. Dropshipper

Dropshipping allows you to have an e-commerce online store without having to keep or ship products to customers yourself. You partner up with a dropship supplier like Shopify who sources, packages the products, and ships them directly to your customer on your behalf.

You just need to display the products on your e-commerce site and find the customers, all from the comfort of your own home. 

19. Website Tester 

Companies need to know whether their websites are user-friendly and resonate with their audience. That’s where you come in. You test the website and provide feedback on the functionality and appeal of the site.

 20. Online Mock Juror 

Attorneys need feedback on their cases when they prepare for trial. So, there are companies that provide a mock jury service online to help lawyers prepare their arguments.

Online jurors may have to view video presentations, listening to audiotapes, read case materials, and answer questions about the case. 


 21. Proofreader

Many publishers pay people to proofread content before it is released.

Our friends over at Small Revolution have put together a great list of websites that offer legitimate proofreading jobs to help you find work quickly.


There you have it, 21 jobs ( we threw in a bonus )  you can do online, all from the comfort of your own home!