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Work abroad programs Earn while you travel

 If you have wondered if it is possible to travel around the world without needing to have a lot of money in the bank we can assure you that the answer is yes if you don’t mind working as you travel, and the best part is you can immerse yourself in local cultures while you are earning enough to live and travel. 

If you are not fortunate enough to be wealthy or just aren’t in a financial position to take leave from work and splash money around as a full-time tourist you do not need to give up on your dreams of travel because there are many ways you can make money on the move.

The following programs are just a sample of some of the easiest ways to travel and earn.

This list only contains travel opportunities which will partially or completely cover your costs while you see a bit more of the world..

If you would like to know more we have included a little more information below:


Americamp started by placing people in paid positions at camps in the United States but have since started getting people work at camps in Canada, Thailand, South Africa, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Maldives, and Cambodia.

Working abroad with Americamp you will work in camps and be paid a salary for your efforts. While you are at the camp you will be working and experiencing the culture of summer camps, which is a great experience, but you also have the option to travel before or after your time at the camp.


Accademia Culturale Linguistica Educativa (ACLE)

If you would like to gain experience teaching English and travel around Italy earning money with most of your expenses paid then you should check these guys out ACLE . This is a unique opportunity to travel, learn, and earn.



If you have an EU passport and would like to live and work in Spain with most of your expenses covered then you should give TECS a look. You can gain valuable experience in teaching English as a foreign language and immerse yourself in the local culture at the same time.

JET Programme

The JET programme offers people with a bachelor’s degree and an interest in Japan with the opportunity to live and work in Japan assisting with language instruction and participating in other cultural exchange activities.  You need to make a 12-month commitment and will be paid enough to live, work, and travel in your spare time. 

Disney English

Travel to China and gain experience teaching English to Chinese students whilst working for Disney, one of the worlds most recognisable brands. Whilst working for Disney English you will immerse yourself in Chinese culture, living , eating, and travelling like a local.

This is a great opportunity to have the adventure of a lifetime and start a career with Disney.


Berlitz Language School

Berlitz Language school teaches multiple languages to students in over 550 locations in 70 countries across the globe. Berlitz is always seeking qualified instructors to teach languages to adults and kids. 

Once you get a start with these guys many more opportunities to work and travel are likely to present themselves.


The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is an organisation that places Science and Engineering students into paid internships around the globe.  If you are a student looking to experience other cultures whilst progressing your studies and your career then a paid internship with IAESTE is well worth considering.



Workaway is a market place where hosts can offer accommodation, food, and sometimes a small salary in exchange for a few hours of work per day.  There are a wide range of opportunities advertised by over 40,000 hosts in more than 170 countries locations around the globe. 

There is a small annual membership fee of $44 per annum which is quite reasonable when you consider all the opportunities you get access to.


World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is an organisation that provides Organic Farms with access to travellers who are willing to work in return for food and accommodation. If you would like to gain experience working on farms this is a great way to travel with most of your major expenses covered.


Agent Au Pair

Agent Au Pair provides  18 - 26-year-olds with an opportunity to work with American families providing child care for a period of 12 months. During this time Au Pairs live with a pre-screened family and are provided with accommodation, food, and a bit of extra spending money.

If you are good with kids then this is a great way to experience American life. is a  global AuPair market place where young people can find placements as Au Pairs with host families around the globe in exchange for room, full board, and some pocket money.    

Living as a part of the host family means that Au Pairs can really immerse themselves in local culture and form close relationships with their host families and friends.

Club Med 

Club Med offers seasonal contracts working in its properties around the globe. Salaries are not the highest around but living costs are covered and the resort lifestyle comes with its own perks. If you have hospitality experience it is an advantage but there are a multitude of positions available.



Hopefully, these opportunities will provide you with the inspiration and opportunity to travel and work.  We will provide more information about travelling and working soon so please let us know if you know of any other opportunities that you would like to share.

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