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Today I sat down and thought about the skills  and resources I already have at my disposal, and how I can start to use them to make a portable income.

Without much effort I came up with the following:

  • I'm literate,  I'm no  Arthur Miller but I can string a few words together into a sentence.
  • Having spent nearly 30 years supporting large scale telephone and contact centre solutions I have strong and adaptable technical skills.
  • I have been setting up and running websites since the late 90's and am proficient in creating web pages using html, php, and databases.
  • I'm proficient in the use of Joomla
  • Cooking is my creative outlet, I'm no professional but I'm a pretty good home cook and I'm keen to learn more.
  • I love woodworking.
  • I've had some success in the past with affiliate marketing
  • I'm proficient in sourcing & importing products.
  • I've had some success selling products on E-bay.
  • I've had some success selling products from e-commerce websites.
  • I understand the basics of Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO)
  • I have a good job which pays quite well.
  • I'm a quick learner.

Looking at this I figure I should be able to start making a few dollars fairly quickly while I start working on a longer term strategy to develop a real income.





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