where do I start

If you are just starting out on your journey to making a living by working when you want and from where you want then startearning.com is a great  place to get you moving in the right direction. 

I'm Rob and I have been making money  remotely online with varying degrees of success since the late 90's and am now placing more focus on earning less of my living from my regular desk job and more from online flexible working sources and passive income sources that do not require me to work fixed hours or from a fixed location.

My short term goal is to earn enough from gig work and passive income sources to replace the income I earn from my  regular day job and I am going to share my experiences to help as many people as I can do the same.

Startearning.com started out as a directory of affiliate programs  back in 1998 and was a great resource for people looking for passive income opportunities  until life got in the way and I lost focus on it.

Now  Startearning.com is back and I am  working on  making  it one of the go to resources  guiding people like yourself  to earning a living  on your own terms.

How to get started ?

We think the best way to get started is to find something that you can do now and start to get some money coming in while you look for different income streams which suit you better.  Your first gig is unlikely to be the one that allows you to quit your regular job, travel the world, or meet other goals you may have but like many things in this life taking the first step is very important.

To get you going we created a list of  Work at home gigs that you can start with little or no experience.

We will be posting a lot of valuable information  including some  not to miss  earning opportunities so be sure to  check back regularly for updates.


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