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We are well into the age where the value of information has skyrocketed on a global scale. Everyone wants information on something and they want it in a well presented manner. This ever increasing need for content has created a huge demand for the people who have good writing skills. Look around the internet and you will find innumerable websites providing information on one thing or the other. Most of these websites don’t create their content in-house and hire freelance writers to do the writing for them. If you are someone who can write well, the opportunities for you are practically endless.

However, there are countless others just like you who can write just as well and are looking for the same kind of work you are. Taking an edge in such a competitive market requires planning, knowledge and well thought execution. To help you out with your venture and turn yourself into a well-recognized and reliable freelance writer, we are sharing some key pointers. Following them will certainly help you get good recognition as a writer and bring in income as well.

Start your own blog

There is nothing more freeing than independent work and a blog is probably the best thing for any freelance writer to work on. Having your own personal space to publish your content can be a great way to spread your words. By using proper search engine optimization and talking about things that people want to read about, you can become popular in no time. As for the earnings, you can easily enroll your website in advertising programs like Google’s AdSense etc. and earn by showing ads on your blog.

It is important however to establish a certain level of interest first before you go into advertising. People should be attracted to your content and come back repeatedly for more. The ads often put off readers by being obnoxious and this can drive away potential visitors. It is important to develop a level of interest and loyalty first.


Join freelancing websites

Probably the easiest way to enter the freelance writing world is by joining the many freelance work websites available online. You can make your profile in minutes and start bidding on projects that you find suitable for yourself. It may be difficult to score any projects initially but you need to keep bidding on a regular basis. Eventually everyone gets some kind of work and from that point onward it is generally better times for everyone. To make your chances of getting work more frequently, you can also try and engage potential clients on these websites directly and ask them for work. The more effort you put in the better.

In addition to bidding for projects, you should also put some effort into creating a professional looking profile. A lot of potential employers try to find writers directly by searching for specific skill traits and good portfolios. Make sure you have provided your complete information on your profile and cleared as many tests as possible to make your profile more visible. You should also share a portfolio of your best work for potential clients to review and recognize your skills.

Network with other freelancers

Nothing in the world can be mastered without learning and the best way to learn about freelance writing is to connect with other people doing this work. There are a lot of communities and forums available online where people share tip, tricks and ideas to get good and steady writing work. Connecting with these people can really help you hone your skills, both as a writer and a salesman. After all you are trying to sell your own skills and being able to convince a client about your abilities is certainly an invaluable asset for any freelance writer.

One more advantage of this however is that it will provide you with a lot of exposure as well. Not only are many employers lurking on such forums, a lot of freelancers also often refer you to potential clients if they see you fit for someone they may know. This can be a big help in boosting your profile and help you get a jump on things much quickly.

Stay persistent

In addition to all the things discussed here, the most important thing in this line of work is resilience. The starting phase is the most difficult to cope with in freelance writing and you feel the urge to give up quite a lot. You should ensure that you don’t lose hope and keep on making a consistent effort. With time, you will certainly see a growth in your online presence and work will start coming in on a much more regular and steadier basis.

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