Finance and Investing

Affiliate programs that are ideal for marketing to audiences that are interested in finance and investing. Every referral program is quality checked before listing.

Changelly affiliate programChangelly provides a trading service for over 150 cryptocurrencies and unlike most exchanges it allows you to exchange any of these currencies directly without the need to perform intermediary trades to get the coin you want.  All you have to do is choose the currency you wish to sell and the currency you wish to buy and the Changelly service does the rest.

Partnering with Changelly allows you to Provide an in-demand purchase and exchange service for cryptocurrencies to your audience and earn some crypto for yourself in the process.

The signup process is simple and once you have completed the sign-up process Changelly provides you with links and widgets that can be added quickly and easily to your websites to get you up and running.

You earn a 50% share of the revenue generated as a result of your marketing efforts and payment is made to you the next day via Ethereum or Bitcoin transfer.

If you have an audience that is interested in crypto then this affiliate program is one that you should consider.