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profitable side hustlesIf you are reading this then there is a good chance you currently have a job that is not exactly ideal for you. You are probably thinking of a way out of your monotonous routine and have a constant feeling that there must be more to life. Whether you are looking for more money, more comfort, or the freedom to work when and where you choose, you are probably ready to take a. leap of faith to get it.

Wanting to know what more life has to offer is a good thing and we are going to show you how you can attain it.

The ways that you can go about this are quite numerous. We will be sharing some of the methods that have been tried and tested and have proven to be successful.

Sell your skills

No matter what path you decide to take, it is important that you know yourself. Take a deep dive into your own mind and try to find out things that you genuinely believe you are good at. There is a big chance that your skill is one that has some kind of demand in the market. Whether it is a common skill or something unique, you will always find someone interested in your services. The main thing to consider here is what platform would be the most suitable for you. Taking this particular approach is called freelancing where people offer their services for specific projects. Not only does it make you your own boss, it allows you to do things on your own time and pace which is very freeing. You will definitely feel the difference if you have previously been doing a regular day job.


Start selling things

Don't panic we are not asking you to empty your house as a means of income, although it might be a good option if you have many valuable items that you are not using. What we do mean, however, is to make a withdrawal on your savings (if they are sufficient) to start a business. Now let’s be clear, Starting a business does not mean you need to start a big firm and hire lots of people. It can easily be something that you can do all on your own. Some great examples of this are:

  • Flipping property;
  • Renting your properties  or offering  them on Air BnB;
  • Sell things you make on websites like Etsy if you are a good craftsperson;
  • Drive your car on taxi services like Lyft, Uber etc.; and
  • Any other service that you can offer to clients directly without needing to be attached to a company e.g. accounting, copy-writing, Search Engine Optimisation.

Start online retail

A lot of people nowadays are taking advantage of the fact that you can easily become a seller on popular websites like Amazon etc. The amount of effort it requires to do this is surprisingly low. However, you do need to be fully invested in it and make sure that your customers are happy. With the right amount of effort and sufficient time, you will see that this has the ability to turn into a very successful business.

Even if you don’t have direct industry contacts, you can still be successful, given the level of access people now have to Chinese manufacturers through market places like and You can find out what products sell the best on Amazon and order in bulk to sell to your customers for a profit. A lot of low volume sellers easily make thousands of dollars a month without being tied to an office as everything is done online.

Create a website/blog

Ask yourself what is your most valuable thing and you will likely reach the conclusion that it is your knowledge and skills. Information is a huge asset nowadays and the ability to provide high-quality information on any topic can become a real source of income. If you think you have expertise in any particular field on which you can talk fluently and in-depth, a website is a way to go. A lot of people started their websites in this exact manner and are now running blogs and websites that are worth millions of dollars. A major source of income, in this case, is advertising on your websites for companies that sell relevant products. However, as your audience grows, the opportunities will also grow with them.

Being your own boss

The tips given here are all tried and tested by countless people with high success rates. However, it is not necessary that you stick to these only. If you have an idea of your own that you believe can be successful, we highly suggest that you dive right in.

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