bitcoin 2007769 640After doing a lot of research into cryptocurrency and even setting up an Etherium mining rig I have finally bitten the bullet and purchased a small amount of Etherium.   The path I followed to get to this point was a bit of a winding road but I got there in the end.  

At this point in time, I have made nearly 10% ROI in a day so I'm feeling OK .. Hopefully, things keep going this way!

 I still have some nagging doubts as to whether I am jumping on a rocket that will just flame out but I'm on board and so far so good.   I started by trying to mine some Ethereum using an old gaming PC but rapidly realised that I was going to grow old watching the pc run until it failed and probably only make a few cents worth in the process.  Mining is a perfectly valid way to get Ethereum but you need to commit time money and energy setting up and doing it properly.

My next step was to try a cloud mining service and let's just say that my view is that the only people making any real money out of these services are the providers.

It was at this point I  started realising that there is a huge groundswell of interest in cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology that underpins it. After reading this article regarding the United Nations using Ethereum I was sold ( for better or for worse )

So then I started looking around for a place to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum,  signed up for a few different services and poked around to see how they work. After working through a few services, none of which gave me a good feeling  I discovered coinbase which had the simplest sign up process , a really efficient system for setting up deposit accounts, and the best user interface for monitoring and tracking your investments.

 Within 30 minutes I was set up and had made my first small Ethereum purchase and I am currently watching how it's performing live on my second display.

Coinbase can be found at   and if you use this link to coinbase you will get  $10 worth of free Bitcoin if you buy $100 or more of cryptocurrency (as will I). Use either link, its completely up to you but if you are interested in making a crypto purchase I would recommend you consider this site.

An investment advisor I trust a lot once gave me a bit of advice which is to always look down before you look up and  I figure the likely upside of my Ethereum purchase is far greater than the small amount I stand to lose and this was another consideration when I made my first purchase.

You never know I might have got in early enough to make some life-changing money.

Rob - signing off and wishing you lots of luck and good fortune.


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