Over the last couple of weeks I have focussed on building content in livetocook.com and getting this content to display in search engines. This is not a quick process but I am starting to see some good results with traffic steadily building from essentially nothing to a couple of hundred page views a day. 

The basic approach I am taking is to write a blog article for everything I cook on a day to day basis and optimise these articles so that they attract traffic for the most popular keyword searches relating to the recipe I am cooking.  To help me achieve this I've started to use the keyword research tools at Jaaxy.com to save me a heap of time working out what people are searching for and how much competition I am up against for the keywords/phrases they are searching for.

So far this is working quite well for me and I am getting lots of impressions in major search engines but unfortunately I'm not getting as many visitors from these links as I would like so in addition to continuing to build quality content I am focussing on how to get this content to display in social media sites  and search engines in a manner which encourages people who see a search result to click on it.