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Long Tail Pro is a very popular, widely used keyword research tool which allows you to quickly and easily locate high converting keywords which have less competition than shorter alternatives for use in your content.  In just a few minutes you can enter a seed keyword and get hundreds of long-tail suggestions,  run keyword and competitor analysis, and determine keyword profitability. Long Tail Pro also allows you to track how your site is performing using their ranking tool.  

By marketing Long Tail Pro you can offer your audience a monthly subscription to Long Tail Pro which suits their requirements ranging in price from 25 to 98 dollars per month.

The commission for this affiliate program is a flat recurring 30% on your sales so marketing Long Tail Pro products to the right audience could be quite a lucrative source of ongoing income.

SEMRush is a great tool that can help you develop a website which generates loads of activity on a daily basis. SEMRush is an all in one tool that can identify the field your blog belongs to, provides information on the current trends, provide the best keywords for your site and provide a detailed SEO audit of your site. They can also provide rankings of similar blogs and provide backlink information as well.

The BERush affiliate program takes only minutes to join and you can start promoting it as soon as you have created your affiliate account.

BERush pay a highly competitive 40 percent recurring commission on new  sales that you generate for any of their plans and make payments  twice a month via Paypal or bank transfers.

This program is ideally suited to you if you have an audience that is interested in driving traffic to their sites through keyword marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

Team up with Answerbase to earn more revenue share through all your Answerbase referrals
Answerbase is a leading provider of Community Q&A Software, powering Q&A for some of the most recognizable brands across the internet. Our affiliate program gives you the ability to achieve a growing monthly income by referring new business to our site, giving you new recurring revenue.


What is Answerbase?
Answerbase allows website owners to add a Q&A community on their site in just a couple of minutes. The Q&A platform enables the visitors on their website to ask questions, and get relevant answers. We have three tiers that clients can sign-up for and pay online, priced at $249/month, $49/month, and $19/month depending on their needs.


Affiliate Program Details
You receive 50% of the payment for the first month of service for every new client
You receive 15% of each client’s continued payments for every month after
Recurring monthly revenue for as long as the client continues with the service
You receive credit for clients if they sign up within 180 days of your referral

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