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Movies and Music

If you are online you have probably heard of iTunes and if you have an Apple phone, tablet,  or Mac then you have almost certainly downloaded an app or music from the iTunes store.  There are many free and paid, trusted apps for Apple devices so it is the go-to location for apple users who are looking for programs or media to use on their Apple device.

The iTunes affiliate program allows you to earn a commission when you refer your visitors to the Apple iTunes store.

The affiliate program is provided by Partnerize and the signup process is quick and easy.

Commission rates range between 2.5 and 7 per cent and the potential market for the products you can advertise with this program is very large and is largely already in the habit of making purchases from the iTunes store.

Once you join the program and get approved you can earn commissions when you link to music, apps, books and more on iTunes, the App Store, iBooks and the Mac App Store.

Warner Bros Affiliate program

The  Warners Brothers Shop has partnered with Commission Junction to bring you the WBShop affiliate program which allows you to to earn 7% per sale promoting products from,,,, and

Working with these premium sites allows you to promote a large range of some of the most popular pop-culture products available  is the official online store for a huge range of Warner Brothers productions and related products including Harry Potter, Supernatural, Batman, and the hobbit.  is the official site for your favourite cartoon network cartoons including Ben10 and will allow you to promote T-shirts, mugs, and many other popular products.  lets you promote comics, action figures, t-shirts, collectibles related to your favourite DC comics,  along with products for Vertigo & MAD Magazine.   is the one-stop shop for Hobbit and Lord of the Rings products including statues, collectibles, costumes, movies and much more.  allows you to promote products from the immensely popular Harry Potter franchise including wands, costumes, movies, figurines, games and replicas of props from the movies.

 If you have an audience who are likely to be interested in these extremely popular franchises then partnering with WBShop via the trusted commission junction network is a potentially lucrative opportunity which should be considered.


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