Why Passive income ?

More to the point  why not ?  Whats not to love about making an initial investment of Time, Money,  and Effort which sets you up with an ongoing income stream so you can  spend your time relaxing  or focussing your efforts on other endeavours ?

I've been working hard and enjoying moderate success in my career for many years  now  but recent unexpected life events have made me realise that a big house, expensive toys, fancy  restaurants etc are not  nearly as important as spending time experiencing the world  we live in with the people we love.

Sooo ..  I'm now commencing the journey of making investments which will set me up with the income I need to  provide the basic necessities of life and allow me to chose my own itinerary for life.

I don't profess to be an expert in earning passive income but I will be sharing my real experiences with the various ways of earning passive income that I find.


What I've learned  ...



I've been trying to make money with Adsense for a long time with limited success  and lots of frustration but I've recently decided to  have another try and I think I'm making a bit of progress.

The biggest problem I faced was always that I didn't have a website which generated enough traffic to allow me to reliably generate revenue and I  think I have finally made progress to solving this  almost by accident.  Another one of my hands on enterprises is the sale of pens and pen refills via my website at www.mitrax.com.au  this  business is quite successful in its own right but some of the guides and resources on this site are now ranking quite well in google and other search engines and as a result are attracting quite a bit of traffic.

The other thing that was holding me back was that I had problems getting adsense ads to display on my pages .  I would add the code the ad would display for a few minutes and then disappear never to be seen again and I just couldn't work out why until I logged into google webmaster tools and found  a message warning me about Spammy structured data for http://www.mitrax.com.au/ .  After fixing the problems with rich snippets on my site I followed the instructions to submit a reconsideration request and a few weeks later  I got a message indicating that my request for reconsideration had been successful.  I had almost given up on displaying ads from adsense at this point  but decided to give them one last try and to my surprise discovered that they are now displaying correctly.

These ads only make me a little bit of money every day at the moment but there is pretty much zero effort involved and if I concentrate on generating more traffic  and get smarter about the way I display ads I am sure I can increase  this amount  .. I'll keep you posted as to how I go.



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